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Momee Gombe is a Hausa/Fulani born on (28 June 1997) in Gombe and raised in Gombe State. She attend her primary and secondary school in gombe, before join kannywood for her movie career. Momee Gombe is now (2021) 24 years old.

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Momee Gombe has passion for acting in movies since from her childhood ages and she always want to act like a super star actress as she always watching on movies. This is what motivate her to become a kannywood actress. Momee Gombe has been featured in over 30 Kannywood movies since she joined the film industry, She was also featured in many hausa video songs as a dancer.

Momee Gombe was also considered as one of the most beautiful young actress making waves in the Kannywood film industry such as Ummi Rahab, Aisha Najamu, Maryam Yahayya and Maryam Waziri. The actress is no doubt blessed with natural beauty because she doesn’t put heavy makeup and cosmetics compare to her colleagues in the industry. She is such an amazing actress with wonderful and incredible acting roles like Rahama Sadau, Hadiza Gabon and Hafsat Idris.

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Currently nobody can say about Momee Gombe’s net worth because it was not officially been estimated by legit source but we will update this article as soon as possible if we have information about her net worth. Momee Gombe is among the kannywood celebrities that have many fans in any social media you will be able to find her real handle by just searching her name in the social media so you can contact her to get her phone number if it matters.

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Momee Gombe Biography
Momee Gombe Age
Momee Gombe Pictures
Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Photos
Momee Gombe Kannywood Actress

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