Why Naruto’s hair is not red (Naruto with red hair ) ?

Why Naruto's hair is not red (Naruto with red hair ) ?

Naruto With Red Hair

Many questions are been asked about Naruto with red hair, why Naruto doesn’t have red hair, why Naruto didn’t have more Uzumaki clan traits and also why Naruto is an Uzumaki not Namikaze. All these questions will be answered below.

Why Naruto's hair is not red (Naruto with red hair ) ?

Why Naruto doesn’t have red hair ?

Depends on the father, if the father had the recessive red gene as well it could happen, but that makes it far more unlikely lol. I mean it was already unlikely that Kishi was thinking about how the genes worked out and even more unlikely that he made it so the red hair matched red hair in real life in terms of if it was recessive, so… Yeah my explanation is the least likely to be true for the series lol. It just draws on real life

Why Naruto didn’t have more Uzumaki clan traits ?

Most Uzumaki, like Karin and Kushina, Have double Uzumaki parents, meaning their parents married within the Uzumaki clan, Naruto, Has a Namikaze Dad and an Uzumaki mom, Meaning, He has a smaller chance of getting the Uzumaki recessive traits. Such as the red hair, that Karin, Nagato, and Kushina, Along with Mito all have. Now. Naruto also doesn’t possess the ability to use the uzumaki chains, (The Ones Kushina Used To Suppress the Nine Tails) And The One Karin used during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Why Naruto is an Uzumaki not Namikaze ?

Minato Namikaze (Naruto’s father) was notoriously feared as the yellow flash, a deadly ninja who single-handedly killed 1,000 shinobi in an instant, thereby winning the war for Konoha. During that period, Minato made several enemies who were willing to take any risk for an opportunity to carry out revenge against him and his family. Immediately after Naruto’s birth, Minato and Kushina Uzumaki sacrificed their lives to save Konoha and their child, Naruto. Half the tailed beast was sealed inside a newly born Naruto, after which both parents died. Naruto’s care was entrusted to the Third Hokage, who, significantly, gave him the Uzumaki surname.

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