Zaidu Sanusi Biography, Salary and Net Worth

Zaidu Sanusi Biography, Salary and Net Worth

Zaidu Sanusi Biography: He is a Nigerian footballer and also an athlete’s he is among the few northern people that get to succeed in the Nigerian sport industry he has build a huge reputation not only here in Nigeria but all over the globe. There is no doubt that Zaidu Sanusi is super talented when it comes to playing football. Some people even claim that he is the best player after “Ahmad Musa”.

Zaidu Sanusi Biography, Salary and Net Worth

There are a lot of people that keep demanding for Zaidu Sanusi net worth especially in the northern part of the country. Many people want to know how much does this player makes from what he does. In this piece of content we are going to determine Zaidu Sanusi net worth by calculating all that he makes from all the football clubs that he have worked with.

Zaidu Sanusi Biography and Net worth

Zaidu Sanusi was born and raised in Kebbi state in the northern part of the country, he was born on the 13th of June 1997 right now he is over 24 years old. According to his profile on the internet it was written that he started his football career at the age of 19; he was signed into a Portuguese premiere Liga in 2016 and that’s how he started to build his career.

Zaidu Sanusi Biography, Salary and Net Worth

Towards the ending of 2020 Zaidu Sanusi got his big break when he signed a five years contract with the popular football club “FC porto”. Also been an indigene of Nigerian he is currently a player in the Nigerian super eagles. Like said earlier; the mean reasons why we write this content is to determine his net worth so let’s not waste much time on his biography.

Zaidu Sanusi Salary from football

Sometimes it’s very hard to know that real net worth of many footballer and that’s why many websites only give estimated net worth. Here on arewangle we make evaluations before we declare the net worth of any celebrity and that’s what makes us different from other people. So to know Zaidu Sanusi net worth we must know how much he has been making from the football clubs he has been working with in the years of his career. According to the internet below are the list of all the clubs that Zaidu Sanusi have worked with in the years of his career.

  • Gil Vicente
  • Mirandel on Loan
  • Santa Clara
  • Porto

So the big question here is how much did he make from all of these clubs that he has played for. Based on the observations that our team has conducted Zaidu Sanusi has made the sum of $1.2 Million from the first three club mention above. The only thing left now is how much has he made from porto?? Well according to a website on the internet it was reported that Zaidu Sanusi has a salary of $28,000 monthly and $336,000 annually and he signed a 5 years contract with them.

Zaidu Sanusi Biography, Salary and Net Worth

So if you do the evaluations you will see that he has estimate revenue of $1 million from porto. Now that we have known his salary from the football that he played, it’s time we make an ending to this piece of content by telling Zaidu Sanusi net worth.

Zaidu Sanusi Net Worth

Zaidu Sanusi net worth is estimated at around $2.2 Million (N1 Billion Naira) according to FC Porto Zaidu Sanusi has a weekly salary of $7,000 which is a lot of money when converted to naira.

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