Demi Moore Biography, Career, Awards and Net Worth

Demi Moore Biography, Career, Awards and Net Worth

Demi Moore Net Worth

Demi Moore is a $200 million-dollar-wealthy American actress and producer. She has been a leading actress in Hollywood since the early 1990s.

She has two Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress and has been one of the highest-paid people in the industry at various points in her career.

Demi received $90 million in cash and real estate in a divorce settlement with Bruce Willis, in addition to hefty acting paychecks.

She has also amassed considerable wealth through real estate transactions over the years. More information on both of these sources can be found later in this article.

Demi became the highest-paid actress in film history (at the time) when she was paid $12.5 million for the film “Striptease” in the mid-1990s. That equates to around $20 million today. This record has been broken numerous times since then. In 1997, she earned $11 million for her role in “G.I. Jane.”

Other notable pay packages include $3 million for “A Few Good Men,” $5 million for “Indecent Proposal,” $6 million for “Disclosure,” $7 million for “The Scarlet Letter,” and $7 million for “The Juror.” Demi earned around $60 million in base salaries alone during her peak years as an actress, which is equivalent to around $100 million today.

Demi has made millions as a film producer behind the scenes. She directed all three films in the “Austin Powers” franchise.

Demi Moore Early Life, Age, Birthday and Biography

Demi Moore Biography, Career, Awards and Net Worth

Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico, on November 11, 1962. Moore’s biological father, Air Force airman Charles Harmon Sr., divorced her then-18-year-old mother, Virginia (née King), after a two-month marriage before Moore was born.

Moore’s mother married Dan Guynes, a newspaper advertising salesman who frequently changed jobs, when Moore was three months old; as a result, the family moved frequently.

They shared Moore’s half-brother Morgan. In 1991, Moore stated, “Dan Guynes is my father’s name. He brought me up. I don’t have a relationship with a man who would be considered my biological father.”

Moore has half-siblings from Charlie Harmon’s previous marriages, but she is also estranged from them.

Dan Guynes, Moore’s stepfather, divorced and remarried her mother twice. Guynes committed suicide on October 20, 1980, a year after their second divorce. Her biological father, Charlie Harmon, died in 1997 from liver cancer. Moore’s mother had a lengthy arrest history, including drunk driving and arson.

Moore lost contact with her in 1990, when Mrs. Guynes left a rehab stay at the Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota that Moore had paid for. Guynes posed naked for the magazine High Society in 1993, spoofing Moore’s Vanity Fair pregnancy and bodypaint covers and parodying her Ghost love scene. Moore and Guynes reconciled briefly before Guynes’ death from brain cancer on July 2, 1998.

Demi Moore Career

Demi Moore Biography, Career, Awards and Net Worth

Moore’s other two 1986 releases, One Crazy Summer and Wisdom, the last youth-oriented films in which she would star, were not as successful as About Last Night…

In John Willis’ Screen World, Vol. 38, Moore was named one of twelve “Promising New Actors of 1986.”

Moore made her professional stage debut in the Circle Repertory Company’s off-Broadway production of The Early Girl in the fall of 1986. Moore made her solo film debut in 1988 as a prophecy-bearing mother in the apocalyptic drama The Seventh Sign, and in 1989, she played the quick-witted local laundress and prostitute in Neil Jordan’s Depression-era allegory We’re No Angels, opposite Robert De Niro.

Moore signed with the Elite Modeling Agency before enrolling in drama classes, inspired by her next-door neighbor, 17-year-old German actress Nastassja Kinski.

Moore met musician Freddy Moore, who was married and the leader of the band Boy at the Los Angeles nightclub The Troubadour in August 1979, when he was 16 years old.

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They lived in a West Hollywood apartment. Moore co-wrote three songs with Freddy Moore and appeared in the music video for their song “It’s Not a Rumor,” which was performed by his band The Nu Kats.

She still receives royalties from her songwriting work (1980–81). Moore also appeared in the films One Crazy Summer and Bobby as a singer.

Demi Moore Awards and Nominations

Moore has received numerous awards and nominations, including a Critics’ Choice Award, two Golden Globe Awards, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

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