Jacoby Brisset Net Worth, Early Life and NFL Career

Jacoby Brisset Net Worth, Career and Early Life

Jacoby Brisset’s Early Life

On December 11, 1993, in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jacoby Brisset was born.

He later enrolled in William T. Dwyer High School, where he excelled and earned a spot on the collegiate football squad for the University of Florida.

Brisset made his starting debut against LSU after initially taking over as backup to John Brantley. When Brisset transferred to North Carolina State University, he made a name for himself by passing 2,606 yards with 23 touchdowns and five interceptions before passing 2,662 yards with 20 touchdowns and six interceptions in his senior year. Brisset would then compete with Jeff Driskel for the starting quarterback position in his sophomore year.

Jacoby Brisset Net Worth, Career and Early Life

The Patriots later selected Brisset in the third round of the draft.

Jacoby Brisset NFL career

Although Brisset had a successful first game in Boston, defeating the Miami Dolphins, he was ultimately placed on the injured reserve list after Tom Brady was reinstated.

Brisset would leave the Patriots for the Colts at the end of the year, despite being a member of the Super Bowl-winning squad.

Despite earning a contract worth $30 million with $20 million guaranteed, Brisset would have a mixed record with the Colts during his three years with the team.

Brisset would next spend a year with the Miami Dolphins before moving to Cleveland.

What is the net worth of Jacoby Brisset?

The estimated net worth of Jacoby Brisset is 5.5 million dollars.

Why did Jacoby Brisset amass such wealth?

With a 30-million-dollar contract with the Colts, Brisset’s NFL playing career has contributed significantly to his wealth.

The Browns are now paying Brisset 4.65 million dollars in salary.

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