Who is Frances Tiafoe ? His Background and Girlfriend

Who is Frances Tiafoe ? His Background and Girlfriend

Who is Frances Tiafoe, the son of immigrants who could break the Americans’ US Open curse?

Tiafoe: “I am a different person now” AP

Although Tiafoe has only made one before appearance in the quarterfinals of a major tournament, he is now being predicted to win the US Open.

He is currently ranked 26th in the world, so he is unquestionably punching above his weight.

He would be the first American man to triumph since Andy Roddick in 2003 if he were to succeed.

What is Frances Tiafoe’s background?

The achievement is made much more astounding and endearing by Tiafoe’s background.

Tiafoe is the son of immigrants who left Sierra Leone for the United States in the 1980s and 1990s to escape the civil violence that engulfed the nation at the time.

In order to provide a good life for Frances and his twin brother Franklin, his father, a maintenance worker, and mother, a nurse, worked day and night. The world number 26 tennis player was allowed to play tennis as a hobby on the side.

“I’m a son of immigrants, as both my parents grew up in Sierra Leone, before they came to the States,” he proudly told the tennis media.

He shown prodigious potential even as a juvenile, climbing as high as world number two in the ITF Junior rankings.

He won the Les Petits AS at the age of 14, competing against champions like Nadal, Michael Chang, Kim Clijsters, and Bianca Andreescu.

Who is Frances Tiafoe’s girlfriend?

Given that he dates fellow tennis star Anya Broomfield, Tiafoe is seldom far from the game.

After receiving a wildcard for the doubles competition at the Coupe Banque Nationale in 2014, she made her WTA Tour debut.

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