What is Whoopi Goldberg’s Net Worth in 2022

What is Whoopi Goldberg’s Net Worth in 2022

Undoubtedly, one of the best actors ever is Whoopi Goldberg. If you lack talent, it’s difficult to be one of the seventeen superstars who have won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards!

That certainly explains her enormous riches and fortune!

Whoopi Goldberg’s Net Worth

It’s not surprising that Whoopi Goldberg has a net worth of $60 million given her three-decade-long career.

Her professional career peaked in the 1990s. She was one of the highest-paid actresses at the time, and many of the movies she featured in became big box office hits!

Whoopi Goldberg’s Long-Lasting Career

In the 1982 production Citizen: I’m Not Losing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away, Whoopi made her acting debut. A year later, she became well-known across the country thanks to her one-woman show in which she portrayed American actress and comic Moms Mabley.

Whoopi founded The Spook Show, a one-woman show, in 1983. Later, with the aid of director Mike Nichols, she transferred the production to Broadway, renaming it Whoopi Goldberg.

She was offered the role in The Color Purple, her first big-screen movie, after her Broadway performance. After its late 1985 release, the movie enjoyed tremendous box office success.

She made appearances in Ghost and The Long Walk Home in 1990. She received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscars for the latter, which she later won, making history as the first black woman to do so in almost 50 years.

Her most well-known performance was arguably in Sister Act, a 1992 film that made over $200 million and garnered her a Golden Globe nod.

What is Whoopi Goldberg’s Net Worth in 2022

Whoopi gave The Lion King and The Pagemaster her voice as a voice actor. Both were made available in 1994. Whoopi was hailed as one of the greatest Oscars hostesses ever in the same year she became the first black woman to host the ceremony.

From 2006 through 2008, Whoopi presented the morning radio program Wake Up with Whoopi.

With notables like Janet Jackson and Phylicia Rashad, Whoopi Goldberg made a comeback in the 2010 film For Colored Girls.

She also provided the voice for the Toy Story 3 character Stretch. The film received a lot of praise and brought in $1.067 billion globally.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Vast Collection of Real Estates

It makes sense that Whoopi Goldberg would own a large number of properties given her status.

For instance, Whoopi possessed a 1,455 square foot home in Berkeley in the beginning of her career. She paid $335,000 for the house in 1985 and sold it for $2.25 million twenty years later.

In 1993, she purchased a home in Los Angeles, which she also owned. On the 7,000 square foot mansion, she invested $2.547 million. Whoopi subsequently sold the opulent house in 2018 for an astounding $8.8 million.

Whoopi later invested $960,000 in a house in Vermont. In 2003, she made the 6,100 square foot property her own. She ultimately made the decision to sell the home for $1.5 million in 2016.

She bought a sumptuous apartment in New York City in 2007. In the end, she only stayed there for three years before deciding to sell it in 2010. The 3,800 square foot home now will set you back $7.4 million to purchase.

Whoopi is believed to live in her 2009-purchased property in New Jersey. She spent $2.8 million on the mansion.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Cars

Whoopi Goldberg acknowledged that her declining vision has prevented her from being able to operate a vehicle.

She is the owner of a Beetle. The typical price range for this car is between $23,184 and $33,148. Additionally, she has a Jeep Wrangler that she has had for a while.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Business Ventures

In 2016, Whoopi joined together with Om Edibles creator Maya Elisabeth to start a business that specializes in providing medical cannabis to alleviate period pain. Whoopi & Maya is the company’s name.

Sadly, the company only lasted for four years before announcing on its website that it would shut down operations in 2020. According to a reliable insider, Whoopi and Maya’s falling out was the root of the problem.

Whoopi started the DUBGEE apparel line a year before Whoopi & Maya went out of business. The brand wants to offer garments in every size that fit every lady.

Whoopi stated in an interview with InStyle that “some days you’re broader, sometimes you have water weight, and sometimes you’re bigger than when you went to bed.” “You want to be free of that concern. It’s all about dressing comfortably and putting on clothing. The bottom line is that, she said.

Whoopi started a new cannabis company called Emma & Clyde by WHOOPFAM in 2021, a year after her prior business, Whoopi & Maya, shut down.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Endorsement Deals: Not Everything Went Well

Whoopi took up the role of Slim-Fast spokeswoman at the start of the new millennium and participated in various advertising projects. Her relationship with the company was sadly ended early as a result of her offensive joke against President George W. Bush.

She later agreed to various endorsement contracts with the clothes company Gap and the cosmetics company Poise. The migraine drug Nurtec was the subject of her most recent endorsement agreement.


Whoopi Goldberg’s net worth is thought to be over $60 million, however some of her business endeavors haven’t quite gone as she had hoped. Her endorsement agreements haven’t always been lucrative, too. Whoopi continues to amuse audiences all around the world despite these obstacles and is still a major force in the entertainment business.

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